Construction Industry

  • Tinting systems

    In-plant or points of sale, universal, water based,  solvent, flooring tinting systems, and others

  • Machinery and Lab

    Laboratory production equipment- conveying and dosing powders in closed systems, mixin

    Laboratory equipment- disolvers, homogonizers, milling stations, applicators, mixers, etc

  • Additives

    Additives for the color and coating field, according to the new green regulations
    Dispertion and wetting agents – additives for water systems or solvent systems, up to 100% solides

    Anti foam and defoami – production, usage or application

    Rheological control – designing and adapting the process according to the different materials using the right additives

  • Pigments

    Huge product protfolio of pigments, pigments blends upon demand, including organic/unorganic pigments (like- oxides, DPP, TIO2, etc)
    A special department for production of pastes and powder blends according to costumers demand

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