Plastics Industry

  • Color : Micro and Macro Grains

    HCA, the company that developed the smart color method for plastics, smart colorant without a polymeric carrier, with a speciality with different polymers PVC PV PET Acryl.

    Plastika Kritis, located in Crete – Greece, produces concentrated color based of polymer – masterbatch, a fast and direct supply with a speciality in the black color

  • Machinery and Equipment for the Lab

    Supplying, installation and service for a wide range of auxiliary machinery for the plastic industry.

    Production: any drying method, conveying, mixing and dosing, static mixer

    Laboratory: MFI, reologic test, extruders and pilot lines

  • Liquid Color

    Since the year 2000, Florma has been producing liquid color for the plastic industry. Together with development, manufactoring and color matching for all methods and diy, Florma continues to develop accurate yet simple, dosing systems

  • Silicon Spray

    Silicon spary for better extraction and protecting the mold

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